C3.2 R5: Complete the “Med Safety Game” and document in ePortfolio

The Med Safety Game was a great and fun refresher on medication safety practices, and I am glad I completed it early in my residency as I also learned some useful tidbits!  Some things that I have learned include:

  • It is not within a LPN’s scope of practice to administer IV meds (only RNs) but they can carry out an order to change an IV rate.
  • For STAT orders: the nurse gives the medication if available, send the order down to pharmacy indicating that the medication was given, transcribe the order in the MAR, write STAT in the STOP box and sign for the medication on the MAR
  • Even though IV antibiotics may be compatible with Heparin, best practice is to have a dedicated line for Heparin and to have antibiotics in a separate line to avoid infusion rate error (ab infusion rate tends to be faster)

If I am ever unsure of how to safely carry out an order, I will refer to the resources available on the site’s intranet.

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