Objectives: Ambulatory AF/HF Clinic

My first clinical rotation will be at an ambulatory atrial fibrillation and heart function clinic in VGH. This will be my first time working in ambulatory care, but I am excited to develop my cardiology knowledge and clinical skills in an out-patient setting.

My rotation-specific objectives are:

  1. Use a systematic approach to assess and work up patients (i.e. gather information, interview patients, identify DTPs, therapeutic alternatives, recommendations, plan and monitoring) in a time frame that is reasonable for an ambulatory setting.
  2. List the study populations, medication regimens and outcomes achieved in the landmark trials for heart failure and atrial fibrillation, as well as, use them in my practice.
  3. Effectively teach about atrial fibrillation and heart failure, and tailor the information presented according to the needs of the audience.
  4. Perform basic physical assessment assessments that will help with pharmacotherapeutic decision making and monitoring
  5. Be able to describe how pharmacists can ensure seamless continuity of care and prevent gaps in care after patients are discharged from the hospital


2 thoughts on “Objectives: Ambulatory AF/HF Clinic

  1. I would suggest that when you write learning objectives, you make them outcome-oriented and measureable. eg. unable to measure “be familiar with” or “understand”. Instead, use action verbs, such as “list, describe, develop, design” etc. (if you were instructed otherwise, then i apologize for this suggestion)


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