C3.2 R5: Submit an ADR report to appropriate authority

Submitted my first ADR report through:
https://hpr-rps.hres.ca/static/content/form-formule.php?lang=en! ūüėÄ

Submitting it was a fairly straight-forward process. It was definitely easier to fill the report since the files at the Heart Function Clinic documented the patient’s history well and that we collect heights and weights at the clinic. My report was on an intolerance to eplerenone where MP, a 56 yo male experienced depression (thoughts of self-harming), emotional lability, diarrhea (incontinence) a day after starting the medication (took it for ~3 days). These side effects resolved a day¬†after he self-discontinued the medication.

For my next report, I will:

  • submit it through the hospital’s intranet in order to get more exposure into the different ways to submit an ADR Report (out-patients don’t have MRNs so wasn’t able to do so for this clinic)
  • make sure to be specific about the timelines of the side effects when reporting
  • make sure to highlight any information that would help determine the likelihood of this side effect being caused by the drug
    • E.g. no previous history of depression. not currently on treatment for depression
  • keep in mind¬†that even if an adverse effect is common or expected, it may be worth reporting if it is¬†very¬†serious (e.g. BP med that caused hypotension requiring¬†hospitalization)

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