C3.5 R3(d): Prepare and FACILITATE a journal club to pharmacists

My second journal club is on the following article: Ivabradine and outcomes in chronic heart failure (SHIFT): a randomised placebo-controlled study

Areas of improvement:

  • Prioritize the most important points I want to get across during the journal club
  • Being concise – highlight the important points and provide the rest of details on paper for the audience to refer to
  • Consider the audience and how to present technical aspects of the trial
    • E.g. Power: The certainty that the study will of detecting a real effect as statistically significant if it truly exists
  • Have a firm understanding of how the drug therapy should fall into guidelines and provide a summary of practical applications
    • Consider dosing in renal impairment, hepatic impairment, in combination with other drugs, interactions with other medical conditions, etc.
      • E.g. ivabradine selectively inhibits the Ifchannel – which is predominantly in the SA node. SA node is dormant in atrial fibrillation; therefore, the theory is that for rate control, ivabradine shouldn’t impact afib
    • Describe the “ideal” patient I would use this medication in, monitoring plan

My journal club handout: SHIFT Audience Handout


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