General Medicine – Objectives

I am excited to be heading back to Surrey Memorial Hospital for my general medicine rotation! 🙂 My rotation-specific objectives are:

  1. Develop and strengthen my systematic approach to assess and work up patients
    – demonstrate the ability to obtain a complete medication history (e.g. with patient interviews, P’net, community pharmacy, GP, charts)
    – identify and prioritize medical problems and drug therapy problems
    – compare pros and cons for at least 3 therapeutic alternatives, if available
    – demonstrate the ability to justify and defend my therapeutic recommendations
    – actively monitor my patients
  2. Develop my ability to clearly and concisely document my soap notes and important patient interactions
  3. Develop my ability to effectively perform therapeutic drug monitoring on medications such as vancomycin, aminoglycosides, digoxin and anticoagulation
  4. Develop my ability to practice antimicrobial stewardship (e.g. assessing when therapy can be narrowed, for IV to PO stepdown)

Another goal is to find a potential case for my BC case-wide presentation.



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