Psychiatry – Objectives

My next rotation will be psychiatry at St. Paul’s. The following are my objectives:

  1. Develop a systematic approach to working up patients and psychiatric conditions
    1. Use the head-to-toe approach to assess and monitor patients (e.g. for side effects)
  2. Be able to identify therapeutic alternatives and justify why each alternative is/is not an appropriate option
    1. Be able to identify if a patient has been on adequate trial of a medication
    2. Compare and contrast the mechanism of action, contrainidications, efficacy, side effect profile and ease of administration of different anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, mood stabilizers and anxiolytics
    3. Design patient-specific titration or tapering schedules for appropriate medications
    4. Develop my ability to use available evidence and trials to strengthen my recommendations
    5. Develop my ability to initiate and follow-up on care plans and monitoring plans
  3. Develop my ability to conduct effective patient interviews and assessments
  4. Develop my ability to write concise yet comprehensive chart notes
  5. Develop my ability to perform therapeutic drug monitoring for medications commonly seen in psychiatric conditions

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