Reflections – General Medicine

I can’t believe how quickly this rotation flew by! I’m very fortunate to have been able to work with such a supportive preceptor and health care team at the Short Stay Medical Unit (SSMU).

These were my objectives for this rotation:

  1. Develop and strengthen my systematic approach to assess and work up patients
  2. Develop my ability to clearly and concisely document my soap notes and important patient interactions
  3. Develop my ability to effectively perform therapeutic drug monitoring on medications such as vancomycin, aminoglycosides, digoxin and anticoagulation
  4. Develop my ability to practice antimicrobial stewardship (e.g. assessing when therapy can be narrowed, for IV to PO stepdown)

During this rotation, my preceptor helped to build on my approach and when I presented on my patients, he would help map it all out on the whiteboard. This made it easier for me to view my patient as a whole and connect their medications to their indications and medical conditions. The importance of matching medications to medical conditions, vice versa was emphasized with this rotation. Additionally, I feel that I was able to improve on my documentation, especially on my soap notes for therapeutic drug monitoring (e.g. for vancomycin). Unfortunately, I was not able to get much experience with monitoring of digoxin or aminoglycosides. I was able to see various patients with pneumonia, and had more experience assessing for narrowing of therapy and IV to PO stepdown.


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