Reflections – Cardiology

This was by far one of my favorite rotations in residency! Herb and the interdisciplinary team at SMH were amazing and incredibly supportive throughout my rotation. When discussing my patients, Herb would write out my patients’ medical conditions, medications and history on a board. This definitely made it a lot easier to draw connections between the progress in hospital and their medications.

During this rotation, I feel that I have gained a stronger understanding of various cardiac conditions, as well as, the evidence and key landmark trials. Aside from my objectives, other things I was able to improve on are identifying patient-specific goals, presentation skills, patient interviewing and chart documentation. These are things I can definitely still work on but with the help of Herb, I feel more confident in these areas and will continue to work on them in my future rotations/practice. Additionally, during this rotation,  Herb taught me how to perform physical assessments and learn how to interpret them. It was definitely exciting to be actually performing these assessments on real patients, instead of lab simulators! While a little daunting at first, making sure I did physical assessments whenever I had the opportunity to helped increase my comfort level and enhanced my ability to see my patient as a whole. All in all, this was a fantastic rotation and I will definitely aim to keep using the skills I have gained in future rotations! 🙂

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