C3.2 R4(b): Accurately transcribe a medication order onto the medication profile or health record #3


  1. d/c Pip/Tazo
  2. Flagyl 500mg TID x 1/52 (no route specified)

Progress notes step down: Abx step down PO

Current orders entered but not verified:

  • Pip/Taz IV – already discontinued
  • Flagyl 500mg IV TID x 7 days
  • Previous order of Flagyl 500mg IV TID started on Jan 15 was still active

Progress notes step down: Abx step down PO


  • Discontinued previous Flagyl IV order
  • Cancelled entered Flagyl IV order
  • Enter metronidazole 500mg PO TID x 7 days order
    • Comments: x 7 days
    • Queries: Put N on Stop Date Report
    • Not copied to clinical re: slightly shorter duration for C. diff treatment as discussed with preceptor as medication will show up on clinical pharmacist’s target drug report
    • Documented on order that PO was inferred from progress notes


  • Important to check for duplicate orders
  • For orders with set duration – ensure that start and stop date are accurate and that a comment is placed on the MAR so that nurse and team is aware of stop date

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