Learning Objectives – Medication Use Evaluation

I will be starting my Medication Use Evaluation rotation today and my personal learning objectives are:

  • Improve and build a systematic approach to performing literature searches and critically appraising
    • E.g. Gain more familiarity and use at least 2 different tools to perform critical appraisal
  • Develop an approach to reviewing Cochrane Reviews and a template to submitting feedback for literature

Will continue to add objectives as the rotation progresses! 🙂 

The following are the objectives from the manual:

  1. MUE Roles & Responsibilities
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of MUE within LMPS, including, but not limited to:
    • Regional and local Pharmacy / Drugs and Therapeutics Committee support
    • Pre-printed Orders creation and management
    • Drug policy / protocol / guideline creation and regulation
    • Evaluation of drug use through retrospective chart review, drug usage reports, etc.
  1. Formulary Management
  • Define formulary management and discuss the components necessary for success.
  • Describe the steps necessary for addition/deletion of formulary items.
  • Outline possible methods of alerting pharmacy/medical staff of changes to formulary items, therapeutic alternatives, and cost saving strategies
  1. Drug Data Procurement
  • Explain how drug data procurement can support decisions and improve pharmacotherapy in the institution
  • Understand the DUE process including prioritizing target drugs, establishing DUE criteria, methods of intervention, implementation of programs, evaluation of patient outcomes & economic outcomes.

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