Learning Objectives – ICU

I will be starting my ICU rotation at VGH tomorrow. I am  a little nervous since it has been a while since I’ve had a clinical rotation. However, I am also super excited to be jumping back into patient care with ICU. From the calendar my preceptor has provided me, I expect that it will be a very challenging but definitely rewarding rotation. The following are my learning objectives:

  1. Continue to develop a systematic approach to working up my patients
    – Consistently apply FASTHUG MAIDENS and review my patients in a head-to-toe approach when working through my patients
    – Refine my process to ensure that I will not miss any  MPs or DTPs
    – Time my information gathering and work-up of all MPs and DTPs
    (Goal is 2 hours, as per oral assessment standards – however, my priority will be ensuring that my work ups are comprehensive)
  2. Be able to describe the uses, different causes and monitoring frequency of common laboratory tests done in critical care patients
  3. Apply my knowledge from my Sodium/Fluid balance, Acid-Base Disorders and ECG academic day seminars, as well as, physical exam course
  4. Continue to develop my ability to document SOAP notes clearly and concisely
  5. If possible, perform a mock oral exam
  6. Continue to develop on my ability to prepare presentations (e.g. considering the audience, main take away points and how to best convey them) and deliver presentations, paying extra attention to my body language, pace and volume
  7. Meet rotation-specific objectives as outlined in the manual

Regarding my learning plan

  • Do more procedure logs, as a means to document and reflect, and link them in my learning plan
  • Review and reflect on my learning plan daily and document on a weekly basis

If possible, I would also like to complete the following procedure log(s):

  • C3.5 R2: Prepare and deliver educational seminar to nurses, physicians or other allied health care members
  • C3.5 R3(b): Demonstrate skill in the MODELING form of practice-based teaching
  • C3.5 R3(c): Demonstrate skill in the COACHING form of practice-based teaching

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