C3.5 R3(d): Prepare and Facilitate a journal club to pharmacists

For my ICU rotation, my journal club was on: Sodium Bicarbonate Versus Sodium Chloride for Preventing Contrast-Associated Acute Kidney Injury in Critically Ill Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Areas of improvement:

  • Build on a systematic approach to performing journal club:
    • What is the evidence to date, and what gap in knowledge is this trial trying to fill?
    • What is the study’s conclusion?
    • What is the application to practice?
      • i.e. what is the inclusion and exclusion criteria, and what are the actual/final patients randomized? How are they similar or different to my patient population?
    • Be specific with my conclusion (e.g. what kind of patients, what kind of monitoring, what kinds of concomitant interventions, etc.)
  • Important to consider how the design of the trial affects the conclusion that I can make about the study. This study was designed as a superiority trial and primary outcome is NSS; however, we cannot say that the two options are comparable as it has not deemed to be non-inferior (non-inferiority trials require more numbers than superiority trial and per-protocol analysis is more conservative in non-inferiority trials)

My handout: HYDRAREA Journal Club


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