C3.5 R2: Prepare and deliver educational seminar to nurses, physicians or other allied health care members

During my ambulatory cardiology rotation, I presented on two topics to the interprofessional teams at JPOSC.

#1: Journal Club: FOURIER_Evolocumab (2017)

For this journal club, I had created brief summaries of relevant trials and a supplementary appendix at the end. Some things that I could improve on is having a more in-depth discussion comparing the different statin doses in other trials, and making more references to the appendix as necessary. My pace was quite fast for some of my audience members and for my future presentations, I will aim to slow my pace down and check in about my pace and volume with my audience. It was great to have other health care professionals at the journal club and to learn how this study was relevant to their practice.

My handout:

#2: Beta-blockers and COPD

I really enjoyed working on this presentation as it was based on a question from a RN during one of the cardiac clinic appointments and seems to be a question that I will likely encounter in my future practice. It was challenging to figure out how to present this topic to a group of different health care professionals. I think I could work more on explaining my trial critique slides in more layman’s terms and using less jargon. Once again…pace is definitely a recurrent struggle for me during presentations. During my presentation, I had checked in with my audience regarding my pace and thought there weren’t any issues…but I definitely need to work on regularly checking in with them to make sure that I am still going at an appropriate pace, especially if people are coming into the presentation part-way. Another thing to incorporate into my future presentations is to provide more time (suggested 5-7 secs) when asking my audience if they have any questions, as well as, to always discuss if I agree/partly agree or disagree to a study’s conclusion and why.

My presentation:

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