Learning Objectives – Emergency Medicine

Last rotation of residency! It is absolutely crazy how time has flown this past year. I am super excited for emergency, but am also nervous about whether I would be able to handle things “on the fly”.

My learning objectives are:

  • Apply my knowledge from sodium/fluid balance to appropriate patients
    • Have a systematic approach to addressing hyponatremia and hypernatremia
  • Describe and build a systematic approach to Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Stroke, Toxicology and/or other commonly seen conditions in the ER
  • Perform at least 2 physical assessments per week and interpret my findings to my preceptor
  • Consistently state patient-specific goals of therapy when discussing my patients to my preceptor
  • Overall, continuing to build my thought process and approach so that I am able to efficiently triage and work up patients in the ER setting
    • Aim to have less reliance on paper and be more proactive to address issues in a timely manner
    • Improve on ability to concisely document in a timely manner
  • Speak at an easy to follow pace and volume for my presentation

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