C3.3 R3: Reflect in ePortfolio what “commitment to the profession” means personally

Throughout my residency and especially, as I approach the next step in my career of being a full-fledged clinical pharmacist, this is a question that I find myself thinking about more and more…And for me, the answer is rooted in a saying that I frequently heard in 2nd year lab from Colleen – which is to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Commitment to the profession is synonymous to being committed to growth. And committing to continually self-reflecting and challenging myself to be a better clinician tomorrow than I was today will be bumpy, uncomfortable but undoubtedly rewarding. At the end of my residency, I can probably write out lists of things that I still don’t know and areas that I need to improve in…and it’s going to be easy for me to feel overwhelmed by the steep learning curve ahead of me. To avoid this, I will need to frequently remind myself to break things down into little steps, to not be deterred by future setbacks, to connect with other pharmacists for support and advice, and to actively put myself in situations that will support my growth as a clinical pharmacist.

How I will strive to commit to my profession in the next year:

  • Self-reflecting. Each time I encounter a setback or achieved an objective I have set, I will document and reflect on the situation. What did I do well? What could I have done better? So what? What now? How could I work to improve on this (e.g. efficiency)? What goals should I set and when should I hold myself accountable to them?
  • Learning, Discussing, Teaching. The beauty of residency – and one of the many reasons, if presented with the choice again, I will always choose to do residency – is that it provides both the luxury of time and support to learn, discuss and ultimately teach yourself by applying your knowledge to real patients. When practicing on my own, I will work to train myself to continue to be an active learner…whether that may be by, re-visiting trials I have forgotten, critically appraising evidence and assessing how it applies to my practice, teaching myself and others about different topics.
  • Broadening the scope of pharmacy. My commitment to the profession should not be limited to just the hours I have been scheduled to work. While this will be difficult to do in the next year, I will aim to become more involved in different aspects of pharmacy…for example, by regularly applying physical assessment skills, being more involved in CSHP and strengthening my teaching and precepting skills.

Lastly, I’ll end my post with a Pixar short that I found utterly adorable and very relatable during my year of residency:

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