Reflection – Research Project

Prior to residency, I had the opportunity to get involved with research through directed studies project and work. It was definitely a very different, but great experience to work on and help lead a research project from beginning to end. Mark was a fantastic project investigator, guiding me through this process yet also providing me with the independence to make this project my own. Additionally, for me, the project was helping to answer a very meaningful clinical question. I am sure that in my practice, I will frequently encounter questions that could be answered with a DUE study, and am glad that my experiences will help me conduct clinical research to answer future questions of my own! 🙂

Some things that I have learned from working on this project are:

  1. Have a clear idea of my clinical question and objectives – and when deciding on what data I should be collecting, consider how I will also be (1) using (e.g. stats, descriptive analysis?), (2) interpreting and (3) presenting the data to answer my clinical question and meet my objectives.
  2. It wasn’t until mid way through my data collection that I started putting dates to all my data collection sheet…Initially, I had saved all my changes on one file…but as I made changes to my data sheet and my analysis, it was challenging to keep track of my progress and figure out where I had left off. Despite having multiple versions of my data collection in the end, it was much easier, at least for me, to refer back and understand my data when writing my manuscript.
  3. When presenting my research, figure out the main points I want my audience to take away and ensure that the data I present helps highlight these points. Also consider what data would be the most meaningful and interesting to pharmacists currently in practice.

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