Residency Project

Residency Project To-Do.

  • July/August
    ✓ Write project protocol
    ✓ Submit for ethical and administrative review/approval as required
    → Complete an Ethics tutorial prior to submitting their project for ethical review, as required by the relevant Research Ethics Board (REB)
    ✓ Obtain UBC ethical approval (if projects completed within a UBC-affiliated health authority) For projects completed exclusively within Fraser Health (i.e.: a non-UBC-affliated health authority), UBC will accept the FHA REB review and approval as the only ethical review and approval required for those studiesHowever, it is mandatory that an email notice be forwarded to the UBC Office of Research Ethics (contact – to advise UBC that FHA REB approval has been received
  • September
    ✓ Complete all approval processes and implementation planning (e.g. data collection forms, database design, in-servicing)
    ✓ Prepare for project presentations (scheduled in Sept)
    → Provide an overview of progress of residency project to date
    → 5 mins presentation, 5 mins Q&A
    → template found on lmpsresidencyprojectprocess site
  • October to February → *DATA COLLECTION*
    ✓ Complete data collection in assigned FH M: drive or requested encrypted USB
  • March
    ✓ Finalize data collection
  • April
    ✓ Complete data collection
    ✓ Develop presentation
    ✓ Prepare for dry-run presentation
    → 5 mins presentation, 5 mins Q&A
    ✓ Submit a UBC Disclosure Form
  • May
    2 weeks prior to residency night
    ✓ Finalize presentation and submit ppt files to Residency Coordinator
    1 week prior to residency night
    ✓ Finalize poster and submit ppt files and poster to Residency Coordinator
    Residency night: 3rd Thursday of May
  • June
    Within last 4 weeks of program
    ◻ Submit preceptor-approved project manuscript of sufficient quality to Program Coordinator
    30 days after last day of program or upon submission of acceptable project manuscript
    ◻  Project preceptor completes Faculty Evaluation of Project
  • August
    ◻ Submit completed manuscript to CSHP-BC and CSHP National Awards
    ◻ Submit manuscript for publication


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