C3.5 R3(d): Prepare and Facilitate a journal club to pharmacists

For my cardiology rotation, my journal club was on the newly published: Pioneer AF-PCI.

Areas I improved on:

  • Going at an easy to follow pace and leaving enough time/pauses for the audience to absorb information and join in the discussion has been something that I had difficulty with in my previous journal clubs. For this journal club, I was able to slow my pace down and turn the discussion to the group every once in a while to help keep the discussion going.
  • In order to help facilitate discussion, I had prepared questions which I think helped the audience reflect on the information presented on the handout and its implications
    • Another question I could have asked is if the audience agreed with the bottom line before I discussed my opinion on the bottom line, and what kinds of patients the audience would apply this trial on.

Areas to improve on:

  • Continue to work on highlighting pertinent information from the handout, and letting the audience know if we are deviating from the order presented on the handout
  • Especially during the second half, I was reiterating certain points over and over (e.g. one of the limitations of the trial). Another area to improve on is being concise and figuring out and preparing different ways to present the information in advance.
  • Continue to develop my critical appraisal skills and understanding the implications of the study’s design
    • E.g. for this trial: understanding the implications for having a multi-arm study design
  • My handout was very text-heavy and busy. I will continue to work on the spacing of my handout. So far, I have trialed different ways to present each of my journal club and for this journal club, I had attempted to follow the “Rxfiles” style. However, in my attempt to fit everything on two pages, there were certain portions of my handout that were difficult to follow.
  • When preparing for future journal clubs, doing the following:
    • If adherence to the study drug was reported, understand how adherence was measured in the trial
    • Familiarize myself with the protocol under the supplementary appendix and identify any differences between the protocol and the final design/results
    • Understanding and being able to concisely explain the potential implications of the differences in the baseline characteristics of the different treatment arms
    • Be familiar with other guidelines (e.g. European Guidelines for this particular journal club topic), assess the evidence behind their recommendations and rationalize the differences between those recommendations and our local guidelines and current practice
    • Similarly to my preceptor, providing ~ 2 weeks for people to read the trial

My handout: pioneer-af_audience