C3.5 R2: Prepare and deliver educational seminar to pharmacists

For my presentation during my psychiatry rotation, I presented on “Evaluating the neuropsychiatric risks of varenicline in patients with psychiatric disorders”.

Areas of improvement for future presentations are:

  • Speak louder and at a slower pace
    • take time to highlight key important points and to tie things back to the patient case
  • Explaining why I picked the literature to answer my PICO, and providing more background into the reasons for picking my literature if the trial does not fit my PICO:
    • One of the primary literature I looked at was the EAGLES trial, which was the post-marketing trial required by FDA in order for the drug companies. Although the patient population did not match my case, I felt it was an important trial to look at as the FDA had recommended to take off varenicline’s black box warning for neuropsychiatric side effects primarily because of this trial. However, I didn’t explain my rationale for choosing this study when I went over my search strategy and I think it definitely generated confusion as to the importance of going over the trial and likely disrupted the flow of my presentation
  • Making my slides less text/graphics-heavy and busy
    • One way I tried to make it easier to follow text-heavy slides was to put a simple summary which I think was helpful, but I think the slides still looked quite busy overall. It might have been better to try to divide text-heavy slides to multiple slides

Overall, I really enjoyed preparing and doing this case presentation. Everybody was very supportive and there were definitely great discussion and questions! 🙂

Presentation: case-presentation_final