C3.5 R2: Complete the UBC Online Clinical Instructor Education Program E-Tips

The idea of precepting a student has always seemed daunting, but the program has equipped me with many useful tools and increased my appreciation for all the work my preceptors and mentors have done to help me progress as a clinical pharmacist. ☺

While I have not yet encountered a conflict, I am glad that there is a module on dealing with conflict as it has provided me with guidance on the fundamental steps to take if I do encounter one (e.g. using DESO to communicate assertively). I also currently have a TMP-SMX mentee, and although shadowing may not provide much opportunity to go through all the steps in the program, I hope to be able to enrich her learning experience by applying the tips provided. For her next shadowing opportunity, I will aim to provide a brief orientation to the ward and workflow, model an activity of her choosing, coach her on the selected activity, have her perform the activity, have a discussion on it, provide constructive feedback, as well as, obtain feedback, gain more understanding of her learning style and come up with ways to improve the next shadowing opportunity.